Magic and the Audience

The writing, the acting, the direction, the set designs, and the lighting are all part of the experience that transports us for a brief while.

Actors, their directors, scene and lights designers bring the playwright's words and vision to life before our eyes. As an audience, we are flung onto the stage, dragged into the play's action, emotionally engaged with the characters we are meeting.

The ringing cell phone, the whispering patrons are a huge disruption to the magic of this special moment. So, no rustling candy wrappers, no urgent messages, just the intensity and joy in a darkened theater, please.

We have a new hero: Louis Ozawa Changchien playing Julius Lin  in Kenneth Lin's "Warrior Class" did not allow the incessant cell tones to disrupt his performance. Instead, Julius stopped a moment during dinner and said to Holly (Katharine Powell) "It's loud in here."

Photo by Carol Rosegg

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